Mummy Presentation Press Release

Naperville Central High School has a 2,000-year-old rare antiquity.  His name is "Butch" and he is a mummy- yes, a mummy.

Two humanities teachers who have been caring for him for many years are going to make their first presentation to the general public about "Butch" and the ancient Egyptian culture.

We think that a mummy residing at a high school is quite a story.  But we make no bones about it - either marrow-filled or mummified - that there is another important aspect of this story, which we hope you'll feature.

Up to this point, it has been only District 203 students who have had the opportunity to be amazed and enthralled with a very unique resident of Naperville Central High School.  Now, two highly acclaimed District 203 teachers are going to make a presentation to the general public that has previously been made only to students.  We think that this is a dynamite way to enable people who may not have children in school to benefit from and witness first-hand some of the expertise within the District 203 teaching ranks.


Many of the district sixth graders and high school students have made Butch's acquaintance.  There are not many other schools in America where students would have this opportunity because Butch is a mummy who calls Naperville Central home.

Humanities teachers Tom Henneberry and Jim Galanis, both who have done extensive traveling, have been captivating student audiences with their lectures about ancient Egypt and "Butch," the child mummy, for years.

Some of the specifics on Butch:
· He has been at Central for more than half a century
· He was rediscovered by a member of the staff in the 1970's
· He was restored at the University of Chicago in 1990
· He was x-rayed in 1994
· The x-rays revealed that he was likely a boy who was approximately 8 ½ years old

On February 8th, at 7:00 p.m., they will be making this presentation to the general public at Naperville Central's Little Theatre.

It is a unique event which will be hosted by STAGE, a District 203 parent support organization promoting excellence in education.  The goal is to enable the district's residents to enjoy the presentation, which is accompanied by slides and compelling descriptions of life in early Egypt and the mummification process.  Members of the audience, in small groups, will also be able to view the 2,000-year-old child mummy.

We think this is a unique opportunity for people to learn more about cultures of Egypt , as well as to get first-hand exposure to some of the expert teachers in the District 203 teaching ranks.

We thank Tom Henneberry and Jim Galanis for making another wonderful presentation.  As you can see,  the SRO crowd was captivated.

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